You can renew your registration tabs either by coming to our office in person, or renewing online. (Note: if you have parking tickets or Good to Go tickets, you will be unable to renew your tabs until those have been paid. Additionally, if your car needs emissions testing, the inspection must be completed before your tab renewal can be completed.)

Don’t want to wait in line to renew your registration tabs?

Do it online, and pick it up the same day at Eastside Auto Licensing, or select the option to have mailed, and we’ll get it in the mail to you same/next day! Here’s how:

Renew your registration tabs online at

Click on Renew Your Tabs, and then click Start Renewal. Follow the onscreen directions, clicking “continue” when each screen has been completed. The system will alert you if your car is due an emissions test. All information you enter is used solely at the WA State Department of Licensing to renew your registration. When prompted, be sure to select Eastside Auto Licensing to process your transaction.

If Eastside Auto Licensing is not shown on the list of subagent offices, select “Change Start Location” and enter 98033, or our address, 12006 NE 85th St, Kirkland, WA 98033. (The on screen office location listing prompted will be based on your address/zip code on record.)

Eastside Auto Licensing will be happy to mail your completed registration tabs to you, or have them ready at our office for you to pick up. Note: when you click the “I’m done” button on the final screen, count to 10. That’s how long it takes to have them on our DOL computers, ready to print out for you!

Registration Renewal Notices

The registration tabs for your vehicle expire on the date listed on your registration. For instance, if the Registration Expiration Date is 03/15/2016, your vehicle’s registration tab expires at the end of the day on March 15, 2016.

The police department knows the exact day your tab expires when they scan your license plate. You can be ticketed for having an expired tab the day after your Registration Expiration Date. It is a common misconception that registration tabs are current until the end of the month. Check the date on your registration! To be sure you receive your renewal notice/s, sign up for “Get renewal reminders by email” at the official WA ST DOL website:

The information you provide to subscribe to email registration notices at the DOL website is used solely for the purpose of identifying you as the registered owner of the vehicle/s.


Renew your tabs


Your tab renewal options:


·         Renew Tabs Online (Not through License eXpress) SEE ABOVE.

·         Renew with your License eXpress account (What is License eXpress?)

·         Go to a vehicle licensing office such as Eastside Auto Licensing in Kirkland, to renew your    registration tabs in person.

·         By mail (If you received the DOL renewal letter via US Mail).


When can I renew my tabs?


You can renew up to 6 months before your tabs expire.

Do you want to get renewal reminders? If so, by email or by mail?


·         By emailSignup, update or remove your email reminders.

·         By mail. Please keep your address updated to receive them.

Use your License eXpress account to see what addresses DOL has on file.


What might I need to do before or when I renew?


·         If you’ve recently moved, make sure you update your address. Use your License eXpress account to see what addresses DOL has on file.

·         If required, before you renew, take your car in for emissions testing. You don’t need to take your tab renewal notice to the test station.

·         See other possible requirements.


Donations and other options when you renew:


You’ll have the option to donate to:

o    Organ and Tissue Awareness Account.

o    State Parks Account – $5 is automatically added, but you can change this amount. 


     Or Purchase:

o    Discover Pass – $30


How long does it take to get my tabs?

·         By mail, within 5 business days. If you don’t get them within:

o    15 days, contact the office you ordered them from.

o    15 – 90 days, you may be able to get replacement tabs. See Replace lost or damaged tabs.

·         If you’re picking them up, they should be ready when you get to the office. You’ll need to show photo ID.


Can my friend/relative pick up my tabs for me? 

Yes, but as the registered owner of the vehicle/vessel, it is your responsibility to make sure your friend/relative brings in proof you have given them permission. Eastside Auto Licensing, as do all sub-agencies for DOL, does send this permission information to DOL. If a relative is picking up your tabs, he/she will need to have the same last name, or their Driver’s License lists the same address as your address; or written authorization from you (dated and signed). A check for payment must be the registered owner’s check, with the registered owner’s preprinted name on the check, and signed by the registered owner. Or pay cash. If the person you designate for tab/license plate pick up is a not a relative, he/she will need to provide written authorization from the registered owner (dated and signed); the renewal notice for the registered owner’s vehicle/vessel; and either cash for payment, or a signed check from the registered owner with his/her preprinted name on the check.


Are you part of the military or uniformed services?


If you’re stationed outside of Washington when your tabs expire, you may be able to get a new expiration date.

If your current tabs expired less than 12 months ago, we’ll give you a new full year registration period. Apply for a new registration period through a vehicle license office, such as Eastside Auto Licensing in Kirkland.


·         By mail — Send all items below to an office of your choice:

o    Your tab renewal notice,

o    Copy of your military orders, and

o    Check/money order payable to DOL.


·         In person — Bring a copy of your military orders with you so we can verify your deployment dates, with a check or money order for fees.


Renewal and registration fee information


The exact amount of your vehicle title and registration depends on several factors:

·         Vehicle type – Do you own a sedan, truck, motorcycle, trailer, et cetera?

·         Vehicle weight – This varies depending on the vehicle's scale weight.

·         Where you live – Do you live in a Regional Transit Authority Tax (RTA) area?

·         License plate type – Do you have a ‘standard’ or ‘personalized’ or ‘special design’ plate?


As you can see above there are several factors that determine the exact amount you’d pay to renew your tabs and register your vehicle. Below are options that you can use to get an estimate of what your fees could be.


Renewal fees

If your vehicle tabs or boat decals expire within 6 months, get a cost estimate:

·         Calculate your vehicle tab fees.

·         Calculate your boat registration fees.

·         Estimate Your RTA Excise Tax.

·         Use your License eXpress account to see a fee estimate.

·         Contact Eastside Auto Licensing.


First registrations and titles

Registering for the first time? Buying a vehicle, boat, trailer, or need information about title fees? Contact Eastside Auto Licensing to find out what the fees will be.


Current vehicle fees and laws

To see a current list of vehicle fees and some vehicle related laws, go to:

·         Chapter 46.17 RCW: Vehicle Fees.

·         Chapter 46.16A.455: Trucks, buses, and for hire vehicles based on gross weight.

·         Chapter 46.16A.425: Farm vehicles based on gross weight — Farm tabs — Penalty.


NOTE:  January 2015 – Vehicle and plate fees changed


As of January 1, 2015, all vehicle owners will pay the same amount in service fees regardless of where their transaction is processed.  This law (E2SHB 1129) requires all DOL vehicle/vessel licensing offices in Washington State to collect service fees:

·         For vehicle registration and tab renewals: $5

·         For vehicle title transfers: $12

The $5 service fee includes registrations and temporary off-road vehicle permits, trip permits, snowmobile registrations, and some other transactions.

The $12 service fee includes, but is not limited to, vehicle electronic title fees, lien-holder changes with a transfer in ownership, title transfer, and name change.


Regional Transit Authority (RTA) tax

If you live in urban areas of King, Pierce or Snohomish counties, you may be required to pay Regional Transit Authority (RTA) tax. This tax is collected on behalf of Sound Transit to pay for their local transit-related projects.

Use the online estimator

Find out if you’re required to pay and get an estimate of how much: 
Estimate your Regional Transit Authority excise tax

When is the RTA tax collected?

·         When you renew your tabs.

·         When you purchase a new or used vehicle and register it in your name.

How is the RTA tax calculated?

The RTA tax is an excise tax of 0.3%, which means it’s calculated based on the value of your vehicle. For the purposes of this tax, your vehicle’s value is set by the state legislature and isn’t based on the fair market value.