At the time of registration renewal, it is possible that your vehicle will need an emissions test. If so, we cannot even start your transaction until your vehicle has passed the Washington State Department of Ecology emissions test. Emission tests are required every two years for vehicles in an Emission Check area (parts of Clark, King, Pierce, Snohomish and Spokane counties). Your vehicle can be tested at any of Washington’s 16 contractor-owned test stations; or you can take your vehicle to an Authorized Test Facility. Lee Johnson Chevrolet Mazda Kia in Kirkland, WA is an Authorized Test Facility, and is located across the intersection from Eastside Auto Licensing off 405 (exit 18) on 85th Street. Go to www.emissiontestwa.com to see if your vehicle needs to test. Keep in mind that vehicles older than 25 years do not need testing; 2009 and newer model year gasoline powered vehicles never need testing; and 2007 and newer model year diesel powered vehicles never need testing; and diesel powered passenger vehicles less than 6001 pounds do not need to test.

If your vehicle fails the emissions test, it cannot be licensed until it passes the test, or is waived from further testing by an Authorized Emission Specialist (AES) that has WA State Department of Ecology approval. Waivers can only be granted for vehicles repaired by an AES; or vehicles that do not have removed, altered, or inappropriate emission control systems. Only WA State Department of Ecology (DOE) authorized test facilities can grant waivers.

Once your vehicle successfully completes the emissions testing process, you can get your tabs online, by mail, or by coming to Eastside Auto Licensing.

Authorized Test Facilities are listed on Washington’s Emission Check website:


Lee Johnson Chevrolet, Kirkland, WA, is a WA Department of Ecology certified and authorized testing center. Call (425) 877-0521.

The closest Washington contractor-owned test station to Eastside Auto Licensing is located at 18610 NE 67th Court; Redmond, WA.