Law Changes for disabled parking privileges effective July 1, 2015

Changes to special parking privilege laws for persons with disabilities took effect July 1, 2015. These law changes are an attempt by the State of Washington to reduce the number of people abusing disabled parking privileges in our state.

Go to www.dol.wa.gov for updated information regarding these changes.

Two documents are now required: the application & a doctor's prescription. Both must be an original document. No photocopies/faxes will be accepted.

    1. The application: You or your health care provider can download and print the Disabled Parking Application for Individuals form by doing the following:

      Go to: vvww.dol.wa.gov
      Click on: Get a form
      Click on: More forms by title
      Click on: Disabled Parking Application for Individuals (print)

  1. This form, revised since the 2015 change, must have a revision date in the year 2016.  Check the WA DOL (Official) website to make sure you and/or your healthcare provider are using the correct form.  All older versions of the Disabled Parking “Application for Individuals are VOID, and will not be accepted.  No exceptions.

    The form must be completed and signed by the applicant and the health care provider. The original form must be submitted. Photocopies/faxed copies will not be accepted.

  1. The doctor's prescription: Your health care provider is also required to complete and provide a written prescription on tamper-resistant prescription pad/paper with the application. Application forms superimposed on the prescription pad/paper will not be accepted. Two separate documents are required: the original application and the doctor's original prescription.

The person requesting the temporary or permanent disabled parking privilege must sign the application, plus provide photo ID at the time of issue.

Anyone authorized to sign the disability parking privilege may pick up placards or DP plates. This includes: the person with a disability, or an authorized representative if the person with a disability is unavailable or unable to pick up the placard(s) or plates, or if the person with a disability is a minor. If the applicant is unable to come into the office, the friend/family member picking up the placard/s and/or plates must provide a note, signed and dated by the applicant, and giving the friend/family member permission to pick them up. Proper identification must be provided.

It is a crime to buy, sell or use a parking placard or special DP license plate if you are not authorized. A parking permit for a person with disabilities may be issued only for a medical necessity that severely affects mobility or involved acute sensitivity to light (FCW 46.19.010). An applicant or health care practitioner who knowingly provides false information on this application is guilty of a gross misdemeanor. The penalty is up to 364 days in jail and a fine of up to $5,000 or both. In addition, the health care practitioner may be subject to sanctions under chapter 18.130 RCW, the Uniform Disciplinary Act.

Additionally, do not drive with the DP placard hanging from the vehicle's rear view mirror. This is considered a visual obstruction and may be subject to a law enforcement ticket. Only hang the placard from the rear view mirror when the car is parked. Do not use a handicapped parking placard when parked in any handicap parking place if the applicant for the placard is not a passenger in the vehicle at that time.

Go to www.dol.wa.gov for additional information regarding types of conditions that qualify, fees and renewals